Yuri Zhislin and Natalia Lomeiko

"Their ensemble is phenomenal.
It feels like both of them can predict exactly
what the other one is about to do."

"KULTURA, Moscow, Russia


The Lomeiko - Zhislin Duo is an artistic union created as a result of their strong desire to be together on stage, as well as in life. Wonderful musicians in their own right; among numerous awards Natalia is a Gold medal prize - winner of the "Premio Paganini" international violin competition and Yuri is the BBC Radio Two Young Musician. Both are also professors at the Royal College of Music.

The Lomeiko-Zhislin Duo is rapidly becoming an invaluable asset at Chamber Music Festivals around the globe being praised for their superb ensemble and musicianship qualities.

Together they have performed with the Moscow State Chamber orchestra, the Belgrade Philharmonic, the Pacific Symphony, the Queensland Symphony, the Christchurch Symphony, the Kurashiki String Academy, the London Soloists, the Emerald Enemble, the English Soloists Ensemble, the New European Strings, the Yerevan Philharmonic orchestras and with the Russian Virtuosi of Europe - a chamber orchestra of which they are founder members. 

Their Duo recital programmes have been enthusiastically received at the Wigmore Hall, the Ako Festival in Japan, Burton and Bradstock Festival and Lincolnshire Festivals in England, and concert venues across Europe. Natalia and Yuri's joint CD for Naxos was released in 2011 and features complete violin and viola works by A. Bruni and J. Halvorsen. 

"The highlight of the evening was the performance by the Lomeiko-Zhislin Duo. The Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante is often played these days, and the listeners are offered a wide variety of different interpretations. Lomeiko and Zhislin, however, gave us one of the best versions I have ever heard. They played this beautiful music effortlessly and naturally, not making anything up, following the great composer's ideas: light, happiness, nobility and wisdom..

Their ensemble is phenomenal. It feels like both of them can predict exactly what the other one is about to do. Lomeiko and Zhislin are like twins: they sense the mood, the phrase and the colours of the work in exactly the same way. The viola does not keep any secrets from the violin. It gently decorates musical ideas that the violin creates with its own unique patterns. Sometimes, the same melody is simply shared by the two instruments. The tempos, passages, technical elements - everything was performed effortlessly. But the most significant thing was the sound: tender, transparent and dreamy from the violin, and dark and rich, as honey, from the viola.
"KULTURA, Moscow, Russia

No es fácil redescubrir las obras de Johann Sebastian Bach. En este caso los visitantes entregaron una visión renovada del "Concierto para dos violines cuerdas y contínuo", obra influenciada fuertemente por la música italiana. Participaron la hermosa violinista Natalia Lomeiko como primer violín y Yuri Zhislin en el segundo.

Destacaremos los diálogos y fraseos entre solistas y el "tutti" en el primer movimiento, de gran musicalidad. El segundo fue una muy grata sorpresa al ser tomada la "siciliana" casi a la danza, pero alada. Destacaremos la enorme musicalidad y bello sonido de la igualmente hermosa Natalia Lomeiko, que complementada estupendamente por Zhislin ofrecieron una entrañable versión, en ella incluso lograron sutiles cambios de "color" en el sonido de sus instrumentos, lo que sin duda que realzó más aún uno de los más hermosos movimientos creados por Bach.

Una extrema y elegante precisión virtuosa destacó en el tercero, en los solos y en el resto de las cuerdas, con arcos en correspondencia entre solos y tutti, en una brillante demostración de musicalidad.
Santiago de Chile,


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